BAFL – Brakes Are For Losers


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Racing / Arcade / Multi

PC, Soon on Nintendo Switch

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Based in Montpellier, France


Challenge your friends, pick a funky car and outrun them with your driving skills and dirty tricks. Ram them out of your way or pick up bonuses to wreck them.

BAFL is a tribute to Old School Arcade Racing Games such as Super Sprint, Indy Heat or Super Off Road.

Scooch together on the couch and gather up to 8 people playing on the same screen, compete in championships, upgrade your cars, and break friendships!
BAFL also offers a challenging solo experience with championships against fierce AIs and special modes such as Time Attack or Perfect Race.

Run in unique tracks inspired by the pop culture of the 80’s and 90’s along with funny details and surprising events. Each location takes you to a different setting, from peaceful caribbean island to hellish underground, from fabulous Las Vegas all the way to the Moon!
BAFL is an invitation to dive in a state of the art old-school epic racing game. With no freaking brakes!


• Up to 8 player madness on the same screen.
• A Hardcore brakeless driving style.
• Solo and local multiplayer in challenging championships.
• Time Attack and Perfect Race also without brakes.
• Badass Soundtrack.
• No. Brakes.




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Free Demo available and pre-release Time Attack Contest for everyone

Free Demo available and pre-release Time Attack Contest for everyone

Studio Oudidon is so eager to share their hard work with the whole world that we decided to release the demo no later than today! This free demo offers a small tour of BAFL. It includes: 1 track for Time-Attack or Perfect Race 3-track championship for up to 4 players...