Man’s best friend might be your trump card in your quest for survival.

Indie Developer CCCP and dog whisperer / video game publisher Playdius announced today the release of Dead In Vinland’s very first DLC: The Vallhund.

Released in April 2018 for PC & Mac on SteamGOG and OriginDead In Vinland is a Survival Management game where you lead Eirik and his family on their quest to survive. Manage their physical and mental health, deal with other human beings – friends or foes, organize your camp, and lead dreadful turn-based battles!

This DLC introduces a companion pet to help the washed up viking family in their quest for survival. Recruit the Vallhund and it will become a valuable part of your camp! It’s a very versatile companion that will help your characters in many ways:

  • Pay attention to its well-being: Manage its affection and energy!
  • Everyone works for the camp: The dog will fetch useful resources, hunt some food, look for valuable items, and maybe even find some very rare treasures!
  • A Good Boy! The dog can spend time with our survivors to lower their Depression or heal their wounds!
  • Attack! Guard! Gain special combat buffs for all your characters!
  • Kari’s Doggie! Kari and her dog have a special side-quest together and will develop a special bond that will give her a very useful traits for exploration and combat.
  • Train your dog: treat him well, and you’ll be able to teach him new tricks in his personal upgrade tree!
Two more DLCs will follow “The Vallhund” release in Winter 2018 and Spring 2019. To stay up to date with the latest news and information regarding Dead in Vinland, please follow the Twitter account, visit the official website and like the official Facebook page!