Real-Time Uchronic Interactive Fiction will let you talk to the past to save the future!

Independent Developer We are Chroniric and narrative-savvy game publisher Playdius announce the release of interactive fiction Chroniric XIX on iOS for $2.99/3,49€. Android version will be available in a few days.

Chroniric XIX is an interactive fiction in real time: you have intercepted a mysterious message coming from the past – a past which is different from ours. In this XIXth uchronic century, Echo XIX^ is a time patroller who works behind the scenes of History. You send and receive messages through time in  dynamic conversations with her. From now on, the fate of the world – as well as Echo XIX^’s destiny – are in your hands.

Inspired by gamebooks, point’n’click games and mobile narrative games like Lifeline, Chroniric XIX’s scenario is based on true historical facts… That you’ll have to change. Throughout the game, the players will discover Echo XIX^’s personality and deep background, thus creating an unprecedented bond with a fictional character.

We really enjoyed working on Chroniric XIX”, says Nicolas Devos & Fabien Camus, creators of the game . “We’re are eagerly waiting for the players to dive into the game’s plot. We’re currently writing a sequel, unveiling even more the mystery around Scribes and the devoted Time Patrollers”.

Chroniric XIX unique features include:

  • Echo XIX^ progresses at her own pace: her adventure takes place in real time over several days.
  • 3 ways to play: Protector, Dodger, Daredevil.
  • 3 different endings
  • Time loops with direct consequences on the plot
  • Mini-enigmas
  • 15 ways to save Echo XIX^ from mortal dangers
  • 7 laws of time to unlock
  • 30 objects and clues to find
  • 40 achievements to unlock

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