After successful releases on Steam, Nintendo Switch and mobile appstores, the wacky universe of Old School Musical just gave birth to one last DLC, featuring the incredibly talented Xavier Dang (aka mistermv).

Xavier Dang, better known as mistermv, is a french entertainer, streamer and YouTuber; he also composed video game soundtracks and electro music. He started as a musician in the 1990’s and took an entirely different path in the video game industry in 2011. His crazy universe is on par with Old School Musical’s goofiness. He is the perfect fit for the game’s last DLC!

What’s coming : 

  • Discover 5 new tracks and challenges
  • Stroll through MV Expo, the world’s greatest chicken convention! MV Expo is your chance to dive into the loony universe of the eldest French streamer
  • Brace yourself for the new challenges of Chicken Republic and its new diabolic ways to make the OSM experience longer

For those who missed it, Old School Musical is a rhythm video game with more than 60 songs total. Tib and Rob are the heroes of a crazy adventure that will lead them through Chicken Republic; with every note, you’ll help them succeed in their quest. Wield your sword to the rhythm of chiptune tracks by Dubmood, Zabutom, Hello World, Yponeko Le Plancton and Toriena.

DLC MV Expo: free update, available on June 25th, 2020.