Avant-garde indie studio Triple Topping Games and publisher Playdius today released Spitkiss, a trippy precision platformer about unconventional love, polyamory and sharing saliva. Spitkiss is now available for iOS, Android and Steam for PC.

Spitkiss is an unconventional love story told through precision touchscreen platforming. You play as the spitkissers, a couple living inside another body, who send messages of love and hope back and forth the only way you can: precisely navigating spitballs through carefully crafted platforming stages by jumping, trickling, bouncing, and bullet-timing to their goal.

The game re-examines traditional notions of love, relationships, and gender identity on two layers. One story takes place in the metanarrative of the spitkissers, the other in the hand-drawn comic-style story of the life of Ymer, the person whose body their story takes place inside.

We are big fans of love, it’s pretty great! But we also think games often focus on classic formulas of love stories whereas reality offers almost infinite variety. Some members in our team have been in happy open relationships and we wanted to see our lives reflected in our game” said Astrid Refstrup, CEO and co-founder of Triple Topping. “So in Spitkiss we are telling a tale that shows someone loving more than one person while also delivering a fun gaming experience. We hope that people will either see something of themselves in the game, or that it may help them understand someone else’s experiences better.


  • 80 levels to cross and challenges bringing a high replay value
  • A trippy love story told through comics and emojis.
  • Intuitive and simple swipe-to-jump controls.
  • Organic progression and pee challenges.

Spitkiss is available for iOS & Android ($1.99/€2,29) and Steam for PC ($2.99/€2,99) in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Danish and Portuguese.

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